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Power Products


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From low cost wall adapters, to highly efficient open frame switching power supplies, from standard supply to custom solutions, Alpine is your best source of power.


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Power Supplies

AC-DC Converters
We offer standard AC DC power supplies in the 5 to 200 watt range, and develop custom power supplies to customer specific requirements up to 500 watts.

Standard/Custom/Semi-Custom Power Supplies

Switch mode or linear power supply design from concept to manufacturing prototypes, to volume production.


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Available Features


Power Factor Correction

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We produce the best quality and highest performance Switching Power Supply and adaptor for various applications. Including OA equipment, notebook computer, LCD monitor, industry equipment, consumer product, telecommunication, multimedia, battery charger, as well as customer design products. AC DC and DC DC switch mode converters for communication, automation, industrial control and aerospace markets worldwide.
Industrial and Automotive

Computer Peripherals and Data Storage

Telecom and Networking

Optical Networks

Test and Measurement

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