Environmental Policy




Alpine's mission:
Be the most efficient and innovative global provider of electronic component solutions.
An integral part of this mission is a proactive approach to environmental compliance and protection that serves our team members, our customers, and the communities in which we operate.

Compliance with applicable environmental regulations is considered a minimum standard. Alpine implements additional programs where appropriate to provide greater environmental protection. In developing environmental programs that go beyond legal compliance, Alpine continually demonstrates the responsibility it feels toward its local and global communities.

Alpine has an active program for continuous reduction of chemicals in the manufacturing process. A chemical approval system is in place to review chemicals and their effects on associated waste streams prior to purchase and use. Alpine identifies at the earliest stages those potential waste streams that should be eliminated or targeted for recycling.

Alpine's pollution prevention, reclamation, and recycling efforts not only benefit the environment but reduce material, energy, and waste disposal costs. A significant part of Alpine's recycling effort is the early evaluation of chemicals and equipment used in manufacturing. Alpine has implemented aggressive, self-funded reclamation programs and continues to explore new ideas and technology as they emerge.

Alpine strives to reduce the burden on air, water, and land resources. Continuous improvement of our environmental performance is a long term commitment of Alpine's business mission and helps protect the future community.